This eBook will make all the difference. I promise there’s a lot of BS out there and selling a show is one of the hardest things you can do. Don’t make time-consuming and amateur mistakes – learn from the masters and get your show sold.  I say this eBook is the best you’ll find.

Nicole Williams.

Nicole is the creator of the hit career reality television series Making it Big and is the author of three bestselling books including Girl On Top. Nicole has also appeared as a regular contributor on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and CNN.



I got my hands on a copy of the I Want To Make A TV Show eBook only days before our first pitch, and in those precious hours I read and re-read the guide. Not only did I learn the finer details of the art of show conception, I learned the even more valuable lesson of show inception. A priceless manifesto for those stepping into the world of television.


Prevail is the host and creator of the television show Prevail’s Details and member of 4-time Juno Award winning, internationally acclaimed rap group Swollen Members



This website is my new bible. Keith’s refreshing view to how to create a show, and more importantly, how to get to the decision makers is as entertaining as it is informative.

Mark Jacks



What a discovery! From the very beginning I began taking notes as I found gems of knowledge on practically every page.

Jennifer Little

Jennifer Little is an award winning television director and writer. Her work has been seen on networks such as; OWN, Discovery, and Animal Planet



There’s a good voice in the content. I feel like I’m listening to someone, so reading it is even easier. And I like the sarcasm 🙂

Kristian Andresen

               Executive Producer


Your one sheet sample rocks!

Phil L.


Your chapter on building pitches is one of the best explanations of the topic I’ve seen/heard. I’ve been to a lot of festivals and your Chapter 7 is way better! 

Lia Como.

Lia is creator and co-host of Italian Adventures TV