etcI was reading a pitch the other day and the person listed off three things we might see in their show, and then they said etc.

Using the word etc. is the equivalent of saying “we’re going to roll cameras and see what happens.” If we are going to see more than the three things listed that’s fine, but don’t say etc. Explain what we’re going to see or just end it. Don’t sit on the fence!

If you’re not willing to take the time and energy to spell out what the viewer is going to see, why should the person reading your One Sheet take the time and energy to try to figure it out?

Your One Sheet is about clarity. It is about communicating what your show is about and building a mental picture of what it is going to look like. By offering an etc it communicates to the reader that the writer is too lazy to dig deep and finish their thought.

And Broadcast Execs aren’t known for wanting to work with people like that.

(And no, you’re not allowed to use an ellipsis either!!)

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