More CowbellI like “more”.

Some people say “less is more” but I think that’s bunk. Less is less and more is more. And I prefer “more”.

I work hard at work so I get paid so I can do more, buy more, and have more vacations. I also work hard at the gym so I can run more, take my shirt off at the beach more, and when my wife wants something heavy moved, I can lift more.

However, there are times when more isn’t more and more isn’t less, it’s just bad. And one of those times is if you are shooting the Pilot to your show instead of just a Teaser.

I know I’ve discussed having a Teaser that isn’t too long, and not sending the Execs all your work when they’ve only asked for a One Sheet, but I was talking with a friend the other day who was seriously considering shooting a Pilot for his show.

He likened it to shooting an independent movie. “Lots of people make their movies independently and make money. What’s the difference?” he asked.

The big difference is with an independent movie, if you can manage to shoot and edit it (and it’s not horrible), you can get it seen, even if it’s at your local film festival.

With television, there are middle men. Middle Man #1 is the Broadcaster, and that man answers to Middle Man #2, the advertisers. And if Middle Man #1 doesn’t think Middle Man Number #2 is going to like your show, you’re done. Just like that.

With an independent movie you get paid if people come see it. With a TV show you only get paid if a Broadcaster and the advertiser think people will watch it and come back and watch it again.

If you feel you absolutely have to shoot something longer for your show because that is “the only way they’ll get it”, than shoot two minute episodic webisodes and put them online.

Otherwise the only “more” you’ll be seeing will be on your Visa bill.


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