party pitchingWith holiday season parties upon us you’re going to run into old friends and friends of friends. And if you’ve been working on your show for awhile you’re going to find something interesting starting to happen.

People are going to start pitching you their show ideas.

As people around you learn more and more about you writing your own show they are going to come to think of you as an expert. And why shouldn’t they? Out of most people they know you are probably the only person they know writing a TV show. And they’ve probable even told their friends about you.

Let’s face it – most people have had ideas for TV shows. Whether it’s based on a crazy adventure they had, or their job, or a spin-off of an existing show. And now that they know an expert (that’s you) they’re going to want an opinion. Your opinion.

This is an important time. Remember when you first had your idea and you didn’t know what to do with it? You probably told some people and some of them may have told you it was a great idea. Remember the good feeling you got when someone said “Yeah. I’d watch that.” Or “That sounds way better than the crap on TV.” Remember that rush?  Now is the time to pass it on.

This is not the time to poke holes in their idea or give them constructive criticism. (“constructive criticism”. Pfft…don’t get me started on that or we’ll have to issue a Parental Advisory for language.)

When people come to you (the expert) find something that works in their idea. Ask questions. Not in a way to help them improve the show but just to listen. Ask how they came up with the idea for the show and let them tell you the story of that, and the story of the show.

Now is not the time to share your knowledge on what doesn’t work and what they should do to make it better. You already know how hard this can be so let them explore their idea with you.

Have fun, let them have fun, and give them the encouragement you got when you started down this path.

Remember that you’re the expert and your opinion matters. So pretend Santa is watching and make it a nice one. After all, it’s F’n Christmas.

One thought on “Party Pitching

  • December 18, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Very good point! I had an experience 3 years ago talking industry people about my idea for a ‘Best of YouTube’ Show on TV where I host and set up the weirder videos (ala AFV) but racier. They way they scoffed at my idea, like a gang of ‘thinks they r super cool’ bullies on a playground. They laughed snickered and pointed out my stupidity.


    Now there are at least 3 show on US TV exactly like that!!!?????

    My lesson was 2-fold … 1) If you believe in your ideas hold on to them regardless of the naysayers. and 2) I would NEVER do that to someone else.

    Keep sharing the valuable info IWMATVS, its gold!



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