the f wordI just read the best blog about swearing in Hollywood.

Danny Manus says he had a subscriber opt out of his weekly newsletter because it was entitled “Are you a chronic masturbator”, referring to do you just write and write and write but never let it go to get it out there. It was a good article.

However, to the point, he is talking about how if you cannot or will not put up with people swearing around you than Hollywood is not for you because people in the biz swear like sailors.

The first thing I thought about is in my eBook I make a point about not swearing in any of your pitches or in any of your Promotional Materials.

Ladies and gentlemen, I still stand by what I said. But how does that relate to what Danny Manus says in his blog? I say this…when you have made it to the inside, when you are giving speeches at Festivals and Conferences, when you are being paid to write, then you go ahead and swear your damned head off whenever the hell you fucking want.

But until you get there? You keep it clean. You cannot give anyone a reason to not want to pass your materials along to their boss.

So make it a goal if you want:

Once I achieve success I can swear in business meetings.

And you can – but not until then.

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