the harder it getsThere are so many clichés about the subject of quitting, or maybe more aptly, about the subject of not quitting. I think everyone has seen the poster of the kitten hanging by its claws from the tree branch with the caption, ‘Hang in there’.

Well whether you’re a fan of cats or not, the longer you hang in there the better your chance of making it.

The only guarantee you have right now is that if you quit, you will not succeed.

Think of all the people out there who are writing a TV show right now. There must be thousands, maybe even 10’s of thousands. You know that some of them are having a really bad day today, and some of these people are going to quit.  And tomorrow? Same thing.

Maybe they finally listened to the little voice in their head (or their Mother) that kept telling them they couldn’t do it, or they had a work or family emergency, or they realized they had gone down a creative road that isn’t working and they need to re-do their last months work. There are a ton of “good reasons” to quit, and all you need to fail is to listen to one of them.

Every one of those reasons is going to lead to the exact same place:

1. You will have done all that work for nothing.

2. You will have to explain to all the people who believed in you that you’ve quit.

3. You will know in your own heart and soul that you gave up.

Plain and simple – instead of pushing through the hard times you gave up on your dream.

You always only have 2 choices. Keep persevering in the quest to realize your dream. Or quit.

So it only stands to reason that as long as you do not quit, the competition is thinning itself out. Today, all you need to do to get closer to getting your show made is to not quit.

If it’s a really hard day, change your to-do list to include some easier tasks, but keep those legs pumping towards the goal line. As long as you do this, you are getting closer – unlike your competitors.

Every time you come across a roadblock, or a hurdle, you make the decision whether you will continue or not.

Every day that you keep yourself in the game you up your chances of success because, say it out loud with me…

“The harder it is, the less people there are doing it.”

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