If you’re keeping your eye on upcoming TV Festivals you know Real Screen Summit in Washington, DC is a big one. It’s also nearly $1900 US. Plus of course, your cost of travel and hotels.

If you’re ready to pitch this is definitely a great place to meet Execs as it is chock full of them. However, if you’re not quite ready to pitch yet there is another small Summit in Los Angeles. The TV Writers’ Summit is only a couple weeks after the Real Screen Summit and looks to be a great value (and it’s warmer there).

For $395 you get two days of exposure to some of TV’s great writers. These are also tremendous relationships to build. Sure there will be a ton of other writers there trying to get their attention as well but the take-away value of the information you get from conferences like the TV Writers’ Summit can impact your career as a writer tremendously.

They provide information that can change the foundation of how you are writing your show. At both the Real Screen and the TV Writers’ Summits you will meet great people who are writing and pitching their shows, but it’s at these smaller festivals where the experts come to share their wisdom with the up-and-comers who are fighting to get their shows made.

The TV Writers’ Summit is the type of festival that, if you can get to it, the value you take away is worth more than the money you are paying.

Now I’m not saying the Real Screen isn’t worth the money, but what I am saying is, if you are not ready to pitch yet, festivals like the TV Writers’ Summit are the ones you want to be attending. And they’re not just in LA. They’re in cities all over North America, which is why you need to be reading your trade magazines so you’re up to speed on what is coming to your area.

Getting the information straight from the successful writers in the business will change your show and future shows. It’s a great investment, and of course, (check with your accountant to be sure) it’s a write-off come tax time.

Festivals are a tremendous way to make contacts, but make sure the festivals are commensurate with where you’re at in your show development. You can get a lot of info without spending a lot of money if you do your research to see what’ available to you.

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